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Discography CD SOSF Crowd Deterrent !

 One of the catchiest, most unique underground hardcore punk bands of the last 5 years, fusing attitude and politics with massive singalongs.   This is their debut Full Length and contains all their earlier recordings, making it their discography.

This album is a MUST HAVE for fans of Animalhaus, Wisdom in Chains, OLC, Blood for Blood and The Exploited !
BIO : Race Riot 59 from Youngstown, Ohio are an anti-racist band.  Race Riot formed around 2008 and have just released their full length CD.  The band was originally the hardcore band Crowd Deterrent doing the more oi/punk songs that didn’t fit with their more straight forward hardcore songs.  The band now have members from CD and from Youngstown punk/hc band , Violent Offense.
Sealed, jewel-cased CD !
Tracklisting :
1. Race Riot
2. No Regrets No Remorse
3. Silence
4. Wolves Among Men
5. Crew Life
6. Letters
7. Street Education 101
8. Smash Nazis
9. No Survivors
10. Police Threat
11. You and Me
12. Punks, Skins,  Hardcore Kids

CD - € 12.00

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