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Up For Grabs CD

Since 2003 ... Pushed Too Far play HARDCORE. Fast, aggressive, straight to your face with a big f*** you attitude. When you’re going to see PTF expect a hard, energetic set in a room where no one is safe. They’ve managed to build up quite a big fan base and turned out to be maybe the biggest DIY band in Belgium. They’ve recorded several records, all of them on their own independent label called ‘Clenched Fist Records’, shared the stage with Bands like: Terror, Hoods, Cro Mags, H2O, Walls Of jericho, Madball, No Turning back, Kickback, Sick Of It All… and played the infamous Ypres Hardcore Fest.

Like almost every band that’s been around for some time they had their Lineup Changes. You might find a bit of a change in the style of music true the years,but they still got the same attitude as in the beginning: Going hard, having fun, not giving a f*** about trends in and outside hardcore and make music that makes you want to start a riot.
In 2009, they got a new singer, DmZ and got a second European Tour and a new Full cd ahead of them.

'Up For Grabs' is the new CD's name, skillfully mastered by Nicolas Declève, a 12-track punch in the face
for fans of Death Threat, No Turning Back, 25 Ta Life and... Pushed Too Far !

CD - € 12.00

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