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Manifest CD

While in these godforsaken times most of the bands that are trying to be « hype » are moving into the unrefined deathcore-genre, some are still resisting and fighting until the bitter end to preserve originality.

Times are hard for these bands but still… out of the polar climate and the snow-covered peaks of Belgium, the pagans of PSALM are back with an E.P. crafted in the grim catacombs of Brussels…

When we left them, PSALM were playing a chaotic metalcore-inspired style of music which was cool but predictable. But after this first recording, « Fortune’s Complexity », things started to change : new line-up (new guitarist and drummer), new influences, a contract with the dark forces,… a « Manifest ».

Everything starts with an intro (« Through the Maze ») which reminded me of the arpeggios often used in the intros on some old thrash records (Testament, Metallica,…), but it becomes more than that. An impious voice appears and speaks… in German. Whether it’s an invocation of the black gods or a food recipe (my German is kinda rusty), one thing is certain: it makes a solid impression, and I guess it doesn’t share charming things with us…

« Ecce Homo » then reminds us to what Psalm was doing earlier, a chaotic kind of metal, but the vocals are devious, oppressive, in English or Latin, gloomy or parish. Slowly, the music is morphing into something else, darker moments appear : this song is the first step to change…to chaos ! Throughout this E.P., PSALM’s first record and early style dies and is taken over by its bastard son, offspring of an infamous intercourse between MESHUGGAH and EMPEROR, and it works marvelously !

A new breath (let’s salute the talent of this new drummer, Baal, who raised the bar of extremity in this band), a risky concept but so original these days, a very conceptual and fantastic layout… this year already looks pretty good for PSALM, and we hope it will indeed turn out that way.

A record you must listen to !

CD - € 9.00

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