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Deep In The Heart CD

PRIDE KILLS is the sound of bar room brawls, waking up with a hangover and scars, hardcore that is actually hard, anger that doesn't have a scholarship and the gritty dry heat of Texas in mid July.

PRIDE KILLS mixes the ferocity of early HATEBREED, the harsh smack of reality represented by TERROR -- all layered with brutality in the vein of 100 DEMONS.

PRIDE KILLS is the cure for the anti-scenester. They have no regard for current fashion-core trends, musical trends, or expected notions of what hardcore should be at any given time.

Guest Vocals by Ray / Full Blown Chaos !


1.  Driving On 
2.  Make This Work 
3.  Deep In The Heart
4.  Day By Day 
5.  Love It Or Leave It 
6.  Tragedy 
7.  Git'er Done     
8.  Cold & Dead 
9.  Think Before You Speak 
10.  Regret 
11.  Learn Your Lesson 
12.  The Scene 
13.  This Is Texas


CD - € 12.00

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