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Despite contrasting backgrounds each member of OVERLORD draws from a long history of active involvement in the (Belgian) Hardcore scene.

Sharing a mutual love for heavy music in general and firm common roots in hardcore the band started out some years ago with only one intention : playing the music they love regardless of any trend or expectation.

Combining the intensity and agressiveness of the music that shaped their youth with a brutal and heavy edge OVERLORD’s approach to hardcore stays tight, violent and devoid of unnecessary frills or de-clawed overproduction. Lyrics deal with topics ranging from today’s socio-political climate infested with fear to the violent psyche hidden in every human being.

Members of Overlord were active in the following bands: Born From Pain, The Setup, Leng Tch'e, Thumbs Down, Clouded, Serial Butcher, Circle, Minus 45 Degrees, etc.

For fans of 'Under The Knife/Satisfaction' - era HATEBREED !!

V: Dries Olemans
G: Andries Beckers
B: Nicolas Malfeyt
D: Serch Carriere

Tracklisting :

1. Severed Parts
2. Zodiac
3. Hollywood Hedonism
4. Eulogy & Legacy

CD - € 7.00

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