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Empire State CD

"The true hardcore sound is back on the map with Olde York, four guys hailing from the hardcore's ground zero: New York City! Bringing NYHC back to it's roots, their lyrics are deeply personal dealing with such topics as broken relationships, work, family bonds, alcohol use and abuse, as well as political stances and social commentary...and if you love the Breakdown, Judge, Warzone, Sick Of It All & Agnostic Front sound you can't miss them! The new album "Empire State" is a new piece of New York Hardcore history...  Bringin' the old hardcore reality to the new hardcore reality!" 

Olde York does not support gangs or gang violence in the scene in any way, shape or form...violence is the last act of a desperate man, and the enemy of rational thought. There are too many of them and too few of us to waste time destroying each other from within. Save it for the class war. "When shit goes down, no ones around, just you and him, no way he'll win. I can turn my back, don't need to fight, my edge on him, is my IN-SIGHT!" - Wide Awake, 1988, as true today as it was then...

CD features guest appearances by Eddie Leeway and Tony Enz of Reason Enough !

CD - € 12.00

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