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Maelstrom CD Deathwish

Awesome Belgian Hardcore band on Deathwish Inc.

Review from :

"What happens when the body of hardcore gets possessed by the speed demons of murder metal? They create a bastard hellspawn named Oathbreaker who plans on conquering the world by releasing a killer album titled Maelstrom on July 5th via Deathwish.

This is some straight get the fuck out my face blackened punk, cooked with some metallic rage that will get you aggro for sure. Do not get it twisted – what’s extra epic about this recording is the level of madman emotion that weaves it’s way in & out of each track. Meaning that even though Oathbreaker punches you in the skull with their controlled chaos, they still hit these notes & tones with their songs that construct paths of empathy for beams of hope to illuminate. One of the raddest instruments that this band has in it’s arsenal is their caustic throat, who has one awesome decaying vocal delivery & creeps you out while drawing you into desolate world at the same time. Trust me, I’m not taking nothing away from this band because musically is fast moving damaged radness that has the force to snap necks. Songs like “Fate Is Nigh” are a perfect example of how this band can bring the pain & wipe your tears away at the same time. Dude, the drumming on Maelstrom will give you bangover which is caused by too much excessive head banging which will occur when listening to this album. What I dig about this band is they have taken the foundation but transformed into their own dark mass of black sound.

Oathbreaker’s music will take you down many different roads & directions while never getting lost, you will even be walked down into the pit of doom on certain songs then into to the cave of brutality. Check this – it’s the last song on the album that gets kudos for the weirdo factor. It’s the title track on the album Maelstrom it’s a simple & haunting acoustic number with awesome vocals to lead you away into nothingness…"

CD - € 12.00

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