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A Family Affair CD

On their second full length, the reigning kings of italian-american hardcore bring you tough hardcore heavier than a pair of cement shoes.

Executing the mix of street punk and hardcore perfectly, you know its not an offer you can refuse. The "hits" on here deal with everything you would expect of these made men...loyalty, holding your ground, and the family.

If you don't get this, you may go to sleep with the fishes later tonight :p

Fans of Madball, Sheer Terror and Blood For Blood will love this !


1. We've All Had Enough
2. Choke On Your Blood
3. Dead-Beat
4. Catch A Break
5. Still Not...The Same
6. People
7. The Finer Things In Life
8. No More Regrets
9. Homesick
10. Another Riot
11. For You
12. This Thing Of Ours
13. NSK 2002


CD - € 12.00

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