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Music » Nations on fire » Strike The Match LTD Deluxe Gatefold Anniversary Picture Disc LP + Bonuses

Strike The Match LTD Deluxe Gatefold Anniversary Picture Disc LP + Bonuses

XXX (30th) anniversary edition of the classic Euro 'Strike The Match' LP comes as a one-time picture disc with an additional 12-page big booklet with interviews from ‘Confrontation’ and ‘Maximum RocknRoll’ fanzines as well as photos and flyers from this period.

This is the Deluxe GATEFOLD Picture Lp, complete with added bonuses : a new A2 format color poster, a fanzine with 90s photos and flyers + interviews, a strong cardboard insert with the lyrics plus several vinyl stickers !   Only 58 were Made !!!
Originally released 30 years ago, Nations on Fire “Strike the Match” LP became one of the best and most inspiring albums of the decade. This great-sounding material was recorded at Metropool Studios in Holland and at Westbeach Recorders in California (Bad Religion's studio!). On this LP, Nations on Fire managed to capture the best elements of current hardcore from the USA, along with the aggression, energy and political awareness of European bands of the 80s. All of this was combined with deeply passionate lyrics and liner notes. These writings became manifestos of the political scene and of Straight Edge hardcore during this period. Their lyrics covered a wide array of topics: radically targeting racism and nationalism ( "Put down that flag!"; "Striving for a master race - my fist in your face"); organized religion ( "No god - no prophet - no profits - no leader - no masters - no book of lies"); corporate interest in the creation of the European Union ("Europe 1992 is a joke"); exploitation and abuse of animals, while promoting social activity ("You can get involved, there's a lot of social problems that you can solve"); straight edge as a personal choice ("It's my lifestyle, it remains my choice"); inclusiveness in the hardcore scene ("Join the Brotherhood! Join the Sisterhood!"); and commitment ("Dedication”). Their message were both confrontational, encouraging and inspiring and make big impact on hardcore scenes worldwide. 30 years since the release of this album, it's message is still valid, especially as we take into account the current political situation both in Europe and the world. There are many reasons that this album should still be readily available!

PICTURE DISC - € 24.00

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