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Music » Mother of mercy » IV : Symptoms Of Existence COLOR VINYL LP

IV : Symptoms Of Existence COLOR VINYL LP

Formed in the spring of 2007, MOTHER OF MERCY play contemporary metallic hardcore that draws some of the best elements of '90s HC with a well-executed tinge of metal.

Their music is raw, abrasive and dark - highly influenced by Samhain, Undertow and Obituary - and a much-needed reviver of today's re-hashed "metalcore" sound.

With several prior releases including the "No Eden" 7" and critically acclaimed "III" that was released last year on Six Feet Under Records and hailed as one of ScenePointBlank's "favorite records of the year,"

Mother Of Mercy's Bridge Nine debut full-length is nothing less than stellar and poised to be one of the best metallic hardcore releases of 2011 !

COLOR Vinyl version includes digital download !


1. Forever Night, Forever Mourning
2. Symptoms Of Existence
3. Soul Burns Slow
4. World Of Pain
5. Swinging The Chain

6. Live Through Darkness
7. Control
8. Drown
9. Upper Hand
10. Final Breath

LP - € 13.00

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