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Milano CD - Indigesti, Negazione

Review from Got-a-Nerve? webzine :

"After 12 years Milan, Italy’s MAZE are back on the scene with a full-length album which follows up to ’91 debut EP “Dentro Di Noi”.
Reunited in 2007, after some line-up changes and shows, the guys decided that it was about time to get in the studio to record a bunch of tracks that best personify what this band is all about.

14 tracks (including a personal version of The Clash’s “London Calling”, another cover of Crash Box’s “Nato Per Essere Veloce” and a re-recording of two tracks already printed on the 7” –i.e. the anthem “Maze” and “Dentro Di Noi”) of fast pissed, emotional, and with a touch of poetry (lyrics-wise), old-school Italian style hardcore that takes influences from the likes of Negazione, Indigesti, Crash Box and Sottopressione.

My favourite tracks are “Ancora Parte Di Me”, “Solitudine” and “Contrasto” (the hook where Gila and the guys sing-along…luci ed ombre nel mio cuore…gives just the chills) but all tracks here will be more than likely to stick to your mind from listen one.

This is a really solid record of 100% Italian hardcore that is gonna stand the test of time and make happy all kids who are into some of the bands I mentioned above. And for those who don’t know much about Italian ‘80s influenced hardcore this is definitely a good starting point to get to know more about this movement which has been praised all over the world.

There’s just one thing that disappointed me a bit with this record and it happens to be the cover artwork, which in my view is too anonymous in its Metallica’s Black album meets hip-hop fashion. Grab your copy now!!!"

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CD - € 12.00

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