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Uncle Sham CD

Maximum Penalty rock, Period. No question. With influences from Hip-hop, Metal, and even Jazz fused with their love of New York Hardcore, Maximum Penalty always stood out amongst their contemporaries.

MP were formed by singer Jim Williams amidst the intensely creative mid-80’s New York Hardcore scene. While drumming for the band “Sarcasm”, bandmates took notice of the strength of Jim’s background vocals and encouraged him to front a band. Thus Maximum Penalty was born. From 1986-1989, the band recorded three demos which were sold at local record shops and at shows.
The band’s first commercial release was 1994’s “East Side Story” EP on Too Damn Hype. A year later, they recorded their first full length, “Independent” (IDT Records). In 1996 “Superlife” was released on Gypsy Records.
Following the release of Superlife, Hardcore veteran Rich McLoughlin joined the band. McLoughlin had been an original member of Breakdown and Killing Time.

Williams and McLoughlin sought to push the band forward and explore new possibilities for Hardcore.
This is an all new studio album released in 2006.
Maximum penalty has always taken risks and the band continues to do so, while remaining true to their identity as a New York Hardcore band !


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