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Ionesco CD

Brandnew Maudlin CD,  mastered @ tonteknik by Magnus Lindberg (Cult of Luna) !

some reviews :

**…MAUDLIN does not only remind me of the dirt-squirting sound of pioneers like EARTHRIDE or DOWN, they mix it with the confused emotionality of MUSE, with the unpredictable outbreaks of the PIXIES and the cold darkness of CULT OF LUNA and NEUROSIS. This album is a topper, a difficult definable gallopp ride between different styles and feelings like depression, hope, pain and emptiness…    by Christian @

**…there is no other option then to remain fascinated from the very first note untill the last note & even longer this album brings…
by Giusseppe Guilane @

**…MAUDLIN is more experimental and psychedelic orientated than DOWN, CROWBAR, MELVINS and without that much Southern influences, they are heavier than early NEUROSIS and harder than late ISIS. CULT OF LUNA might be the most meaningful guideline assistance…  by Dirk Bengt @

**…and so Maudlin succeeds with their concept. Once again Belgium proves to raise the bar a little higher and I can’t wait to see how these guys will develop in the future…  by Maurice @

**…Another list this album is on, is that “Best Albums Of 2008″-list of mine…not because I feel this is indeed one of the best offerings within the genre, but because these guys are darn good at what they do, away from musical genre! That, and the fact that even after having listened to the album for a certain amount of times, and me needing to get along towards reviewing other band’s stuff, I’m still reluctant about closing this one off…  by Tony @

**…NEUROSIS and CULT OF LUNA are the comparisons which can be expected, the ones which MAUDLIN must live by - a comparison, which they can easy fullfil, because this album convinces over the whole line, each musician will understands…   by Lars Heitman @

**…Ionesco is dark like only their friends of CULT OF LUNA and MOUTH OF THE ARCHITECT can bring. You should risk to give this a try, because this album is without reinvention of the wheel nevertheless somehow refreshing. Or simply outstanding…   by omerta @

CD - € 12.00

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