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Wasting Time Pushing Buttons CD

Passionate Australia Hardcore, tourbuddies of Strength Approach !

For Fans Of: Hatebreed, Comeback Kid.

"In the time we live in now there are hundreds of hardcore bands inhabiting this country. This has made it very hard for any band to stand out from the pack. Mark My Words don’t just stand out they grab your attention and put it in a chokehold. Their debut EP, ‘Wasting Time…Pushing Buttons’, contains 8 tracks although short in length they make up for it with their quality.

Mark My Words stay true to the hardcore genre and have created a fast, aggressive, fist pumping, ear pounding, solid debut EP. They start your short but still complete annihilation off with the title track, ‘Wasting Time…Pushing Buttons’. The song goes from slow pounding to fast beating in seconds. Throughout all of their songs they sing about the real issues, bigger problems. ‘C-Box’ is about the very important but probably the most forgotten value, be yourself. ‘I’ll always be me, not an image I bought’, a lyric many of our troubled youth need to follow. This song sounds very much like a Hatebreed anthem, one reason is that singer, Mickey, sounds almost identical to the legend himself Jamey Jasta. The stand out song is what they have saved for last and comes in the form of ‘Say Something’. Fans of bands such as Comeback Kid will not be able to control themselves from jumping all over their friends, stage diving, and moshing all over their bedrooms while this song is played nice and loud. Finishing off with a surprise guitar solo, almost unheard of in hardcore music, definitely leaves you hoping for more the next time round.

Mark My Words definitely have something to say and well 99.9% of people need to listen. Although the EP is very short they still show more skills and maturity then some bands do after years and albums of ‘work’. This band would not be out of place on a bill with the biggest bands this genre has to offer. If you look for bands in Australia you will be pleasantly surprised, as you will find soon after your favourite bands are from the land down under, Mark My Words."

Tracklisting :

1. Wasting Time…Pushing Buttons
2. Feels Like Quicksand
3. How Do You Live
4. C-Box
5. Trade Off
6. Dawn Of Ages
7. Shoryuken
8. Say Something

CD - € 8.00

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