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Sound Asleep As The World Burns CD xAFBx

Forming in the dead Reno, NV winter, MAKE IT REIGN is the latest and greatest new face of metal the West Coast has to offer.

The melancholic lyrics complement the doomy harmonies and massive breakdowns create a heaviness of Crowbar-like proportions, with the straightforwardness of Earth Crisis and the thrash of Slipknot thrown in for added bite.

"Sound Asleep As The World Burns" is MAKE IT REIGN's menacing debut and your soundtrack to judgment day !

 Features former xAFBx singer Tony Battle and guest appearances by Johnny / Winds of Plague and Peter / Remembering Never & Bishop !


1. When It Reigns It Pours
2. Sleeping With Fire
3. Billy Mitchell < Weebe
4. Kiss The Dead
5. The Polaroid
6. A Hell Of Heaven
7. Three Years Later
8. Powerkill
9. Transams

CD - € 12.00

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