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Cracked + BONUS !

Your favorite new H8000 sxe Meanies !

review from :

Another fairly new but interesting Belgian band is Losing Streak. This 7” has recently been released on Not Just Words Records and reminded me of Shark Attack and Outbreak but also Internal Affairs and Justice crossed my mind. Seven songs are on this slap of vinyl and both lyrics and music are good, pissed off, fast and aggressive hardcore with no bullshit lyrics. Despite that I can hear some influences from other bands; they aren’t trying to rip off a certain sound, which really makes this record even more enjoyable. The artwork is good, same goes for the production. So overall a very nice and entertaining record and a great step forward in comparison to their demo tape. Be sure to support this band, they deserve it.

MAKING THIS AN 11-SONG CD !!!!!!!!!!!!

CD - € 9.00

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