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The Perfect Moment

So what makes this album so different from all the other metalcore, tech-core, whatever core albums out there? Well, for a start take the heaving intensity of Mastodon, the jagged, angular style of Messhuggah, the avant-garde technicality of The Dillenger Escape Plan’s ‘Calculating Infinity’, then top it of with the brooding introspection of Tool and you get my awkward attempt to describe this ‘perfect’ album. Yes, its that good... With a meaty production and few bass kick-ins, Losa’s sound creates a formidable wall of chunky noise that not only complements the bands convoluted tones, but gives them some character amid the metalcore copy cat clones. That, along with the rather visionary take on a standard genre make this album The Perfect Moment indeed.” - Erik Thomas /

CD - € 12.00

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