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Thaumatrop Cd - NEW, Special Deal !

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After more than a year of hard work, "Liars and Thieves" released their first LP "Thaumatrop", recorded by Markus Esch and mastered by Aljosha Sieg at Pitchback Studios.
"Thaumatrop" deals with issues such as social and environmental wrongdoing, as well as issues that urgently need a solution, but receive little attention. People who do not conform to the norm are stigmatized for social, religious or political reasons. The album wants to be thought-provoking while remaining in the head.
A dark dystopia of atmospheric sounds and harmonious melodies. Progressive Hardcore accompanies melancholic lyrics. Catchy choruses and dynamic song structures set the tone.
The concept of the LP is based on the idea of a medal with two sides. So begins the album with the first Song called "I'm Alive". This heteropalindrome is readable on both sides, where the opposite direction of reading give a different meaning and only with the last title "Evil am I" unfolds its full meaning. The two sentences are an equation and are closely connected.
Liars and Thieves is a band from Wuppertal / Cologne Germany founded in 2015. Their music invites you into a dark and atmospheric dystopia. Harmonic melodies and technical riffs, followed by intense breakdowns. A balance between catchy choruses and subtle criticism, in their thought-provoking lyrics, is turning their songs into something truly unique. Throughout the past two years they had a few member changes which took the band to a new stylistic transition. They constantly evolved their sound since the release of their first Single “Beggars“ from the 4 Track EP "Tarred & Feathered" published in 2016. In May 2017 the band released a music video for the digital single “Marble Eyes“.
They shared stages with bands like Walking Dead On Broadway, The Oklahoma Kid, 1000 Löwen unter Feinden, NIOR, Vitja, The Pariah, 100 Days, Up North and Traveller.
Tracklisting :
1. I´m Alive    03:11
2. Hibernate    04:24
3. Death Debt    03:46
4. Marble Eyes    04:17
5. VII                    04:08
6. Scarlet Thread    03:35
7. Glass Cords    04:17
8. S.Y.A.F.M.*    03:51
9. Maelstrøm    03:33
10. Evil Am I    03:56
Total Playtime    39:06
*Sort Your Ashes From Mine

CD - € 12.00

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