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The Green Rage CD Umea Hardcore

 Alright, this is getting a little ridiculous. Hardcore has made its point; it’s clearly here to take over the year and make everyone its bitch. This crusty black metal thrash movement has inclined its way to the most impressive art the genre has subdivided since its melodic engagement. Plain and simple Lesra fuck shit up. Imagine Black Breath and their heavy riffage. Now go ahead and mix in someKvelertak and their groovy-ness and you’ve got yourself the sexiest hardcore effort this month (I’m through with declaring things by the year since each week my pants are ruined by new releases). If I haven’t hyped up this album enough yet I’m obviously doing it wrong because it rules.

The Green Rage is what they’re calling it and it makes sense since rage is what fuels this fire. Exploding with thrash riffs encrusted with all the drop tuning you can get your hands on Lesra start and never stop. Ever. Twenty-six minutes of shouted politics, angsty rebellion and bolstered middle fingers to the scene. They don’t really give a damn about which scene either. If the title “Fuck Your Trends” isn’t clear enough go ahead and listen and understand why their wagon is probably the best one to hop on. With an exceptional walk that complements all the talk Lesra provide a plethora of moments that make you wish you had an infant nearby to punch – “Hatred Be My Guide”.

It’s hard pin pointing a genre that suits them best as they do everything so damn well. Whether they’re igniting a demolition team on “We Are the Problem” with death metal incumbents, or they’re swinging the wrecking ball on “Stand Alone” with sludge-y sludge-ness; it all fits the mold so well. And I’m particularly terrified of classifying them as I might get my ass beat in some dark alley like they hint towards on “The Price of Life”. When it comes down it though I don’t really care when the music sounds this good. They’re utilization of gang chants never border cheesy - thank God, but instead reinforce the point that you will indeed “REAP WHAT YOU HAVE SOWN”. This is probably because they sound like grown men who frequently find themselves in bar fights, and not six teenagers who share each other’s face products and clothing. Go ahead and look at their web page*. Frankly this is just what the genre needs, more of the ass kicking and less of the ass grabbing. So I don’t know what you’re waiting for go listen to this already and thank me later.

Tracklisting :

1. The Price of Life
2. The Blame
3. Classwar
4. Never Again
5. On The Outside You`re Different, Inside You`re the Same
6. Unbroken
7. Hatred Be My Guide
8. We Are the Problem
9. Stand Alone
10. The End of Reason
11. Warmonger
12. Fuck Your Trends
13. The Green Rage


CD - € 12.00

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