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Open Mouth Kiss Lp - Black Vinyl !

Released in 1995, 'Open Mouth Kiss' was the final Album from NYHC groove masters Leeway.  

It still featured the creative duo of Eddie Leeway on vocals and AJ Novello on guitar.   This is a great album, full of melody and groove.
Re-mastered by Nicolas Declève for a 2019 power sound.
Now available on vinyl for the first time EVER, complete with insert, liner notes and two Bonus tracks !
This is the BLACK Vinyl version out of 200 made (worldwide) !
1. Foot The Bill   
2. Hornet's Nest   
3. Product   
4. Jock Hop Show   
5. Compromise   
6. Manufabricate   
7. State
8. The Old Man Of Sorrows
9. I Believe   
10. Comes Back To Haunt   
11. Novena
Bonustracks :
12. Civilization's Dying
13. Last Of The Infamous International Playboys

LP - € 16.00

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