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Review by Peachey / Six Ft Ditch :

"Here's another one of those new bands out that I love, & it seems there must be a french hardcore explosion because there's so many bands comming outta france right now.
Lazare hail from Rouen (Normandy) & are a 6 piece with 2 singers, i'm not that much of a big fan of bands with 2 singers, unless they really pull it off & this band is one of those..

The first line on the cd is "PUT YOUR MOTHERFUCKING DRINKS UP" & straight away i'm hooked. I love HC bands with a Hip Hop inflence & I think my mate Craw said it best when he said he only likes hardcore bands that look like there gonna rap haha. Only 4 songs on this MCD I think its there first release so i'm sure there gonna hear much more from this band to come.

if you like you HC in your face with plenty of attitude & dance part, but almost a party feel to it then this is a band you need to check out, you should check them out anyway I fucking love this band.

This band is definatley gonna blow up, so you need to be there from the start."

CD - € 9.00

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