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'Joining Forces' Split CD

Norway meets Australia !

Oslo's LAST TO REMAIN are back after their thundering full length CD, 'Operation Beatdown' and share this split with Oz's SUN TZU !

This highly anticipated split release contains new songs from both bands, and both of them are doing killer cover songs as well : LAST TO REMAIN - Hatebreed's "Burn the lies" and SUN TZU - Merauder's "Master killer" !

Tracklisting :

1. Acta Non Verba
2. Brothers in Arms
3. A Question of Blood
4. White Knuckles Blind Rage
5. Front Towards Enemy
6. F.U.B.A.R
7. Burn The Lies

8. Dagger Mouth
9. Blindeye
10. Legacy of Blood
11. Anything Goes
12. Master Killer



CD - € 12.00

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