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The Heavyweight CD

For all purposes, LAST MILE play metalcore. After the great flood of metalcore clones in ’05-’07, (something of a dirty word these days) , LAST MILE call themselves hardcore – well, that would be hardcore as in “hardcooooore”, neck muscles bulging, fists pounding, legs flying around, which, to the rest of us, is pretty metalcore anyway.
Last Mile have nothing to be ashamed of, though, because their music is far beyond the Hatebreed-clones that made everyone hate metalcore so much in the end, and that’s partly because the four grown men in the band have long since paid their dues in bands like As We Fight, Barcode, Powderhog, and HateSphere, so not only are they past their share of fumbling attempts, they know what works and they know how to make it work for themselves.

They already showcased their talents on their eponymous debut album last summer, which took this unsuspecting metalcore skeptic aback with its professional execution and drive? and this CD, the debut for new drummer Peter Høj Larsen, sees them perfect the form even further with longer, slightly more intricate songs.


CD - € 8.00

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