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Danish Hardcore on the rise!

November 2007 : Jacob and Michael from BARCODE, figured out that they wanted to do something besides Barcode, and quickly made 4 songs that should end up being songs for the new baby, LAST MILE. A call to Laurits (formerly of AS WE FIGHT!) was made and the singer was found. December 2007: 4 songs were recorded in just 1 day, and a Myspace page was made the day after. Next step: On the lookout for bassplayers - ended up with long time friend Lennart. So here goes - your new favorite hardcore band! This is not a project - this 100%! LAST MILE play Hardcore - Metal meets Punk - with love and passion - for the music and for the music only.
Laurits used to sing in As We Fight. Lennart used the play in Stomped. Jacob used to sing in HATESPHERE, and still plays guitar in Barcode. Michael plays in Barcode. With these different backgrounds the band creates hardcore music the way they think it should sound. Give it a listen !

Includes the hits : No Holding Back, Nothing To Prove and crowd-pleaser 'Talk Is Cheap and So Are You' !

CD - € 12.00

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