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Among Flies CD

Mixed by Neil Kernon (Deicide, Cannibal Corpse, Skinless), and mastered by Alan Douches (Nile, Converge).

Artwork was handled by none other than Simon Bisley, who's creations for DC Comics wowed millions!
This is dark, heavy, epic metal for fans of any band capable of skull crushing grooves, sinister atmospherics and a taste for the macabre... !
"LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT are a Band Hailing from Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
Genre: Death Metal/Black Metal and im sure a tincy lil bit of hardcore influences but thats my opinion.
Last house is a unique band that sounds like no other black metal band in the world, They sound scary as hell and there lyrics resemble a romeo and juliettes meets torture and Death.
The band was named after the 1976 version of the movie Last House on the Left.
so there Lyrics are derived from that. This band is the only band that is able to send chills down my spine... They are Simply amazing. With Brutal demonic Very high pitch and Devastating low pich vocals, Insane guitar and bass, and there drummer is unique, his style is like no other, (he is also the layout designer for many bands such as rose funeral, the red shore... etc...)
and there Bone Crushing breakdowns.
Last house on the left is surely the right band for anyone who wants to here something creepy, Brutal and just fucken amazing."
Tracklisting :
1. Overture Of The Maleficia
2. Forever Dying   
3. Bloodletting The Sun   
4. Nights Ardor   
5. Some Like To Bleed
6. Blackest Grain
7. Be Still
8. Among Flies
9. Liath Loinneach   
10. In The Name Of The Wolf   
11. Lupus Occasus

CD - € 10.00

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