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Exile CD, New ! ex- BAL-SAGOTH

 Born in the shadows of the brooding Yorkshire hills, a new symphonic black metal project, under the name Kull, was forged by four members of Bal-Sagoth (all except for Byron), together with Dyscaphia’s guitarist and composer Tarkan (vocals in Kull).

The band have recorded it's debut album at Wayland’s Forge Studio.  Everything was composed by Jonny and Chris Maudling, so fans of Bal-Sagoth will not be disappointed !
Sealed Jewelcase CD
01. Imperial Dawn
02. Set-Nakt-Heh
03. Vow of the Exiled
04. A Summoning to War (Dea Bellorum Invicta)
05. Horde’s Ride
06. An Ensign Consigned
07. Pax Imperialis
08. By Lucifer’s Crown (Lapis Exillis)
09. Of Stone and Tears
10. AeolianSupremacy: WrathoftheAnemoi
11. Of Setting Suns and Rising Moons

CD - € 12.00

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