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The Gloomy Side of Things CD

From the Label :

The band "Knife" was born at the end of 1999, starting from an idea of Samuele Venturini (vocal and guitar) and Marco Crivellari (drums), both of them with previous important experiences: the former during his long musical relationship with "Flash Terrorist" released a demo and the album "Body Fusion Limit" in addition to lots of live concerts all around Italy. Crivellari on his side reached a great artistic maturity due to his experience with "Erase" and the release of a demo. Some months later, in the year 2000, the bass player Daniele Borsetto joined Venturini and Crivellari in the band. Knife started to concentrate on the creation of 10 songs that led to the first self-produced album of the band "The soul of the bull" recorded at the "Blue Train's Recording Studio" (Venice) during November and September 2000. The following year the band decided to add some electronic elements to all its songs: this is the important task assigned to Andrea Garavello (synth and keyboards) from that time on. Knife won the third position of the "Head Banging Contest" in Sesto San Giovanni (Milan) in November of the same year, and this led them to sign an important contract for the printing and distribution of the album "The soul of the bull" with the independent recording company "Dave Records" (Brescia). In the spring of 2003 the band recorded the demo "Vertebra" at the "Zerobstudio" (Padua): it contains 5 more melodious and electronic songs than the ones found on the
first album. The band's recordings have always been tightly bound to live performances: they have shared the stage with important Italian band such as Linea77 and Extrema; positive reviews also came from musical webzines and magazines (Rockon, Heat Tv, Metal Hammer, Psycho, Metallus, etc.). Knife also got in touch with the agency "Pigsty Concerti" that organized lots of the band's live performances, in particular the participation in the second and the fourth edition of the "Italian Numetal Fest". The band has appeared on television programmes on RockTV, such as "Sala Prove" and "Database": this was the right occasion to present for the first time to the public the video "Brace" from the first album, produced with the collaboration of Stefano Bertelli. The year 2004 was distinguished by remarkable changes: another guitarist, Emiliano Cerchiaro (ex Erase) was added to the band, and a few months later the bass player was substituted by Soliman Biolo (ex Zero Signal). During the winter of 2005, Theo Milani (ex Flash Terrorist) took the place of Cerchiaro becoming the lead guitarist of Knife. This period of huge changes paved the way to the new awaited album "The gloomy side of things", recorded at the "Hate Studio" (Vicenza) during the spring of 2006: 11 songs more aggressive, complex and elaborate than the one of the previous demo.

CD - € 12.00

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