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File 01 CD

A distributor returned 2 copies of the legendary KINDRED cd to us... don't sleep !

Classic mid 90's Straight Edge hardcore from Limburg, Belgium. Heavily influenced by Unbroken as well as Earth Crisis, Canon, Chokehold.

This truly awesome band was one of the first bands ever released on Goodlife that was not from the 'H8000 crew'.

Representing Limburg Hard Core, this KINDRED record still sounds fresh today !

When this came out the band became really famous in Europe because of the own sound they managed to create.

Both LP and CD are now highly sought-after.
Tracklist  :      

1. Forecast
2. Apathy
3. Mirror
4. Blood
5. Bible
6. Concept
7. Controlled
8. Skyward
9. Disembodied


CD - € 12.00

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