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Agony Cd - New ! + FREE Sticker !!

 KILL FOR PEACE (K4P) made its first gigs in 2K5.  From the North of France, the band play an old school / fast core music and show us its commitment through its several show and lots of demos CD.

It took 3 years to have “The worst is to come” that officialize their deal with DON’T TRUST THE HYPE records. In the same breathe; they release their first full length, recorded with Yannick Delamire. The result is forceful, unsettling, powerful, aggressive§ The Lyrics fit perfectly with their music, hating what’s pissing them, denouncing shamelessly the injustices. When it was released, “Wiped Out” is well-received in the punk/hardcore community, proving the Band’s sincerity.
With no more than 300 gigs in only 7 years, so many kilometers in France and in Europe (2 European tours 2k10 & 2K11 …), several shows’ first parts as Agnostic Front, Terror, Walls of Jericho, Guns Up!, Wisdom in chains, CDC etc, The band’s still growing in the underground scene.
It took one year for K4P to go back in studio. This time, they chose Olivier from Electric Box for the 2nd full length. Uproar For Veneration joined DTTH for the release of “Logjam”. The eleven new tracks are more biting, intense, furious and infect on everything.
Be worry, The rotten youth still have lots of things to fight for.
Tracklisting :
1. Remain Unchanged 02:40   
2. Damage Done 01:46   
3. State of Disgrace 02:22   
4. Face Palm 02:03   
5. Shooting Down 01:51   
6. Poison 02:28   
7. Dead Trees 02:22   
8. Well-Honed Strategy 02:10

CD - € 12.00

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