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Fuck Up Style CD - great !

Take one part beatdown, one part metalcore and one part hip-hop.   Add some weed, lotsa booze and sick humor. Shake.

You have : Johnny Unstoppable.

New, 12-track CD.

Guest vocals by Surge of Fury and Enemy Ground guys !!

Despite their short existence, Johnny Unstoppable has shared the stage with notorious bands like Sworn Enemy, Full Blown Chaos, Lionheart, First Blood, Arkangel, Surge Of Fury, No Turning Back, Nasty, Kickback, MADBALL, Born From Pain, The Setup, Merauder, Since The Flood, CDC, Embraced By Hatred, Freya, Ruiner, Shattered Realm, Length Of Time, NJ Bloodline, Knuckledust, etc."

CD - € 12.00

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