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Tools of Fear CD

On the scene since the mid 90s, INSIDE ME never stopped fighting, looking for their own style in between the most rabid Metalcore (with Scandinavian influences) and traditional Hardcore.

In the beginning they were like a flagship for what would be called New School Hardcore in Madrid and the rest of the country, bringing new ways of understanding Hardcore to the scene, stylistically paying homage to groups like Morning Again, Congress, Liar, Darkest Hour or Integrity.

"Tools of Fear" will be 100% INSIDE ME, fury full of hope and denouncing the injustices of this even more complex and desolate world, full of questions without answers.

"Tools of Fear" is the return of some of the pioneers of what was once called "Madriz Hardcore", willing to claim for themselves what was never really missing - devotion, struggle and passion for what they do.

The CD was recorded in Sadman Studios, mastered in West Westside, NY, by Alan Douches and released by KTC Records & Cruzade records.

CD - € 11.00

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