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The Ground Is Rushing Up To Meet Us

Burly, extremely well-produced metalcore from these New England chaps, heavily influenced by the melodic Swedish sound a la In Flames/At the Gates, but also grabbing onto the sheer heaviness of bands like Converge and their kin. CD reissue includes enhanced video for "Shop Till You Drop" and guest vocals from Trevor Phipps of Unearth on "Cursus Honororum.


1. Shop Till You Drop
2. Roddy Piper's Magic Sunglasses
3. So It Goes
4. The Hungry Ghost
5. A Prayer To Affuct The Comfortable

6. The Taker Thunderbolt
7. Cuasus Honororium
8. Sugar, Free Donuts
9. Let Freedom Ring (from The Taco Bell Liberty Bell)
10. Who Died And Made Us King?

CD - € 12.00

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