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Ghetto Blaster CD

HOODS have been around for ages, and most of you have probably read the previous reviews and or seen these guys on tour so an introduction is not necessary in my opinion.

Ghettoblaster is their brand new album which features 12 tracks of which 2 live tracks. (The King Is Dead and Ernie Cortez are the live tracks) Hoods isn’t really known for their refreshing sound or inventive riffing, again on Ghettoblaster this did not change. All 10 tracks remind me a bit of previous material but it doesn’t bore the hell out of me. Just like bands as Until The End, Hatebreed and Throwdown these guys manage to get the blood pumping and the adrenalin flowing through my veins.

One of the tracks that really stand out is “Willie Nelson and a twelve pack” in which they’ve seemed to incorporate more rock influences. These rock influences gave this track a cool and definitely refreshing twist, I wish they wrote more songs like this. On the other hand, unlike their previous album Ghettoblaster contains some more variation in styles and maybe that’s the reason HOODS stands out compared to most mosh releases these days. -

CD - € 12.00

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