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Music » Hive destruction » Version 2.0 CD (Amenra, Liar)

Version 2.0 CD (Amenra, Liar)

HIVE DESTRUCTION were spawned in 2008 from the collective brain of former AMENRA bassist KJM and current LIAR guitarist M. Halsberghe.

HIVE DESTRUCTION is set to batter upon your eardrums with superheavy CROWBAR, NEUROSIS, ISIS and OLD MANS GLOOM a-like riffing. Combined with atmospheric, acoustic and original hooks, deafening electronics and gloomy grooves, HIVE DESTRUCTION is not for the weak of heart.

This first release contains the announcment of a sonic storm to be unleashed soon enough!

4-track, 26-minutes debut in professional packaging, second version with updated artwork and handpainted disc surface !!!

CD - € 12.00

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