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Fanzine Collection BOOK !

Graced by the iconic CONGRESS photo from their heyday, this heavy book is a collection of all the out-of-print H8Z or H8000 zines ever made.

Book contains interviews from back in the day (1995-96) with Ringworm, Cold As Life, Integrity, Merauder, Darkside NYC, Catharsis, Desperate Fight Records and all the bands that made H8000 Hardcore matter :

Congress, Liar, Spirit of Youth, Spineless, Regression, Solid, Rancor, Vitality, Sektor, Family of Dog, etc.

Chock full of flyers, showreviews, record-reviews, photos, jokes, gossip and what not, this is definitely worth every penny !

Limited Edition Print, don't sleep on this !!!

BOOK - € 18.00

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