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Fronted by ex-Sick Of It All roadie Toby Morse, H2O have the kind of street cred and New York hardcore chops that get the blood pumping. In addition, the band is well versed in the melodies of outfits like Husker Du and Bad Religion and the art of crafting songs that stick like a mouse in a gluetrap.

H2O's third album, "F.T.T.W" (which stands for "Faster Than The World"), is the group's most focused and energetic release, incorporating straight-edge dynamics and pop-punk hooks on full-throttle window-breakers like "Guilty By Association," "Helpless Not Hopeless" and "Day By Day" !


1. Faster Than The World
2. Empty Pockets
3. One Life, One Chance
4. Guilty By Association
5. Fading
6. Bootstraps
7. Can I Overcome
8. Found The Truth Within
9. Old School Recess
10. Helpless Not Hopeless
11. On Your Feet
12. Day By Day
13. Force Field
14. EZ. 2. B. Anti
15. M & M
16. Reputation Calls
17. Liberate
18. Follow The Three Way...

CD - € 15.00

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