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GRIZZ ROCK has been climbing to the top of the underground rock and rap scene for a while now.  He's part of the legendary Ruff Ryders crew (DMX, Swizz Beats) & also working closely together with Danny Diablo & The Shotblockers. Grizz sure knows how to melt rock and rap into an explosive combination. "Mental Abuse" contains seventy (!) minutes of music chronicling the ups and downs of life..

To quote Grizz Rock himself :

"I am an artist who speaks from real life experiences.
I live what I talk about so I know you can feel me in your heart.
I know you can relate to me because I am just like you.
I am your pains your fears your struggles your dreams your desires your anger.
I am your voice !  I am your brother...
My music will be here forever because it's the truth.
And no matter how much time goes by there will always be a struggle.
There will always be a new generation walking in my footprints.
We all walk through this hell we live in.. We all laugh we all cry.. We all have our ups and downs....
So when your stressed out, frustrated, hurt, upset, lonely, depressed, full of energy or smoked up
and stuck in a zone turn the volume on your iPod up and listen to my Mental Abuse !!!!

I am Grizz Rock.I'm where rap meets rock where the hood meets the burbs.
I'm the new sound that music is missing follow my words."

Never one to shy away from a hard days work Grizz is already working on upcoming projects including:
KAOS 13 - a hardcore rap project together with Danny Diablo and his next full length album called "New York State Of Mind Vol 2"..

For now enoy these nineteen bangers.. Get ready for the Ruff Ryders - Ruff Rock General !


01. We Gawn Get It On
02. Victim Of Society
03. Regret My Decisions
04. This Is My House
05. My World
06. Just Like That
07. Knockin On Heavens Door
08. Darkness
09. Just Another Day
10. Frankie
11. Little Brother
12. Summertime
13. Run Away
14. Waste Away
15. We Miss You
16. Chaos
17. Misery
18. Return Of The Hustler
19. End Of A Long Day

CD - € 9.00

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