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A Product of Dissecting Minds CD

'Deathcore is the popular style of the day and the young Dutch band Forgettoforgive is a good example of the genre. Although the borders of the genre are drawn pretty strictly – you mix death metal with metalcore – there is still enough room to create your own sound. Their label mates Resistance focus on death metal mostly, but Forgettoforgive incorporates a lot of slow and brutal breakdowns.

In the songs ‘Fake Mask’ and ‘Eruption’ a melodic side of the band surfaces, including clean vocals that remind me of A Day To Remember. The main dish however remains brutal metalcore. Sometimes a little too much for my taste. At times I’m not sure if I’m listening to the same song I was before or that it’s the next one already. There’s something to work on for Forgettoforgive: make sure the songs all have an own vibe. The foundation is here, because ‘A Product Of Dissecting Minds’ is a nice starting point for these debutants on GSR.' -

CD - € 13.00

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