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Sacrifice CD + Bonus - SPUDMONSTERS

Members of RUN DEVIL RUN & SPUDMONSTERS bringing back tight Clevo Style hardcore!


In 1989, Don Foose, along with many other aspiring vocalists, auditioned for a Cleveland hardcore band, The Spudmonsters, who were seeking an "aggressive vocalist". After the second audition, he was asked to front the band and immediately they started recording. After successful local shows and various label interest, The Spudmonsters recorded their classic debut album STOP THE MADNESS. The Spudmonsters went on to tour Europe with such noted bands as BIOHAZARD, LIFE OF AGONY, M.O.D., PRO-PAIN, CLUTCH, and many more.
After three full-length albums, two MTV singles, and a rugged touring schedule throughout eighteen countries, The Spudmonsters called it quits in 1998, shortly after releasing their epic MOMENT OF TRUTH album on Century Media Records. Members of The Spudmonsters went on to join PRO-PAIN, BIOHAZARD, and BLOODCLOT.
In 1999, Foose went on to form RUN DEVIL RUN and released two albums ( THE KILLING CIVILIZATION on I Scream Records and SINKING DEEPER on Victory Records).

In 2003, Foose decided to takes some time off and just record in the studio with various musicians and lay low in the music scene. Content with playing music just for the love of it rather than as a career, five years passed without a public release, and he only performed one live show in that span, The Spudmonsters' reunion show in 2007.

As 2008 came around, so did Foose's desire to record, play out, and tour again.

In the summer "09 Foose hooked up with Ryan Farrell and decided to write one more album. With no record label to back the project, no producer to point fingers and basically no budget for studio time Foose and Farrell borrowed recording equipment from some good friends. The project was meant to be recorded with no boundaries. There were no concerns about what genre it was to be or who might criticize it. The only prerequisite was that the songs would come from the heart and have deep meaning. The end result was much more than was ever anticipated. After recording, Stevie "D", Jeffrey, and Danny Bones joined the mix for live support. Now the music in it's raw form has been brought to the public and shows are being booked, vidoes have been shot and the scene is about to experience what FOOSE is all about.

The debut album by FOOSE, "Sacrifice" is OUT NOW!




CD - € 13.00

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