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Filling The Void CD

FILLING THE VOID is FINAL PRAYER's devastating debut album for GSR that rages out of control from the opening tones, right through to the last. Coming from one of Europe's hardest and most historically notorious cities, namely Berlin, has fuelled FINAL PRAYER to write an album reflective of a city's past troubles that shows in the strong socio-political commentary that runs throughout FILLING THE VOID. The music is bludgeoning from start to finish, never losing pace with crushing anthem after crushing anthem that showcases FINAL PRAYER's metallic hardcore roots taking every song up a notch compared to past releases. This time it's faster, heavier and catchier than ever before and the end result is 11 songs of unbridled intensity that will infect those who dare to listen. Thundering drums are accompanied by thick slabs of concrete like guitars and a bass sound that could cause earthquakes, all topped off with raw, throat stripping vocals from Stephan that will have kids piling on top of each other at shows to emulate him and sing along with his charismatic, passionate words. FINAL PRAYER have filled a void with their take on modern metallic hardcore, fuelled by the world and the times we live in, it's time for the bullshit to cease and for FINAL PRAYER to take a stand. Join them, or be crushed.


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