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Somewhere Between Life and Death - Deluxe Cd

FATAL MOVE from Antwerp, Belgium started out in 2009, and was immediately known for its hard-hitting hardcore and passionate vocals.

'Somewhere Between Life and Death'  is a killer album with lots of deep and emotional backgrounds in the songs.  It's their coming of age album, their highlight !
Cd comes in a Deluxe Slipcase !
For fans of First Blood, Terror and Hatebreed !!!
Tracklisting :
01 - Cold and Relentless
02 - Redefine
03 - Make It Happen
04 - Circles
05 - Deaf,Dumb & Blind
06 - Dirty Rat
07 - Confronted
08 - The Way You Are
09 - Medusa
10 - Black Tuesday
11 - Virtual World

CD - € 12.00

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