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Lights Out CD

Fall River formed after the break-up of their first project, Manhunt . Since 3 of its 4 members were already a solidified writing team of 5+ years, they began working on material and playing shows almost immediately. The goal was clear: to take the musicianship and lessons learned from their last project and continue forward.

In just the relatively short time they’ve been together, they have released a 3-song demo that has sold over 2,000 copies, toured the Midwest, South, and East Coast, and made a name for themselves across most the US.

Blending disjointed rhythms with quick time changes and one-noter grooves, Fall River has created a unique and intense sound: Think hardcore meets rock ‘n’ roll, with vocals that rival some of the most brutal in the scene. Fall River isn’t about taking the rock and roll image too seriously; their captivating live show is just as much fun as it is passionate.


1. My heart, the beggar
2.The president has been kidnapped by ninjas
3. Im not a big fan of parantheses (burn baby,burn)
4. If we knew then what we know now
5. The boards
6. Cash out
7. This room’s a revolution
8. Dead ends and u-turns
9. Hands in the air
10. DNA of a liar

CD - € 12.00

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