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Demo Daze CD

Expect to find a cd with HARDcore, featuring their demo, old split and compilation tracks added with 5 live tracks that totally represent what EGH stands for.  No bullshit, but straight in your face NYHC...  15 - Track CD !

Tracklisting :

2 Daze Of The Futures Past
3 That's Ill
4 No Asylum
5 Homefront NYC
6 Self Reliance
7 CCRB (re-recorded Version)
8 Redemption
9 Warzone
10 Sad Sickness
11 Goon Squad
12 Innocent Dreams Shattered (IDS)
13 Skumbag
14 Paulie "No Neck"
15 Weightless 


CD - € 12.00

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