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Brutal Rhode Island Hardcore band's debut cd !

ESSENCE OF PAIN  have played with

Full Blown Chaos-Bound by Regret-Dead Hearts-Murphys Law -Since the Flood-Coldside-Losers Sometimes Win-Palehorse-Back of the Neck-In our Blood-Embrace Today-The Red Death-Cannae-Your Blood my Honor-Flat Earth Society-Pride Kills-Blood in Blood out-Cheech-Death Before Dishonor-25 Ta Life-Everybody Gets Hurt-Perro Enfermo-Fed Up-Pray for Death-Reason to Fight-The Brunt of It-44 Caliber Kiss-The Homefront-Face the Tide-This Burning Sensation-The Amour Affair-Cutthroat-The Departed-Mourning the Dead-Mcgil-On the Outside-Stand or Fall-Flesh and Blood-Last Chance to Reason-The Breakaway-Throne of Hate-Mcgil-Colin of Arabia-The Hoods-For the Worse-Shoot to Kill-Chuck B.-Swear to God-SuckerPunch NY-Vietnom-Pledge of Resistance-Last Call Brawl-Ramallah-The Dooldrumz-Destined to Fight-Black my Heart-In Rememberance-My Revenge-Payback-Diesel-Convicted-No Fucking Chance-Triumph the Will-Sin of Angels-Brick by Brick-New Society of Anarchists-10 Count-M80-For What its Worth-Demassek-Nefarios-Monster Squad-Cropknox-Short Fast Dead-3rd Death-Strength for a Reason-Big World-Shattered Realm-Sworn Enemy-40 Second Love Story-Risk Taken-Ten Crowns-Cant Stand Losing-Only Revenge-Once For All-Over the Top-The Banner-Donkey Punch-Whos the Boss-And All Was Silent-Pork Soldier-Enough is Enough-These Lies-One in The Same-Mayday-Label the Traitor-Side Effects-Breakloose-Lockdown-Letdown-Point Pleasant-Thousand Silent-Karenko-Target Remains-Throwing Shrapnel-Draggo-State of Disgrace-Blackballed-For the Glory-Infamous -Rampage-Vic Foley-Caught in a trap-Coming Correct-This Means War-Olde York-Mongoloids-Counttime-Vision-Past Wreckage-The Offenders-Crust-Listen Up-Thanks For Nothing-No Turning Back-Dimwits-Skin Candy-Hibuska-Murdergram- Anomolous-Rythm Mafia-Wrekoning-Riendieu-Make it Last Forever-Half Shaved Yak-Face the Panic-Hit the Deck-Paraplegics-I Destroyer-Interagator-Revelation Eleven-Summoning Hate-Lakeside Ave-Product of Waste-The Murder Junkies-Red Invasion-Christian Holocaust-Sons of Frankienstien-World in Arms-Blood War-Cincaid-Warfare-Black Vendetta-Dying Season-Tommy Dice and the Hardcores-The Unibrows-Gunshot Wound-Tabernackle-Executioner-The Devastion-Down For The Worst-The Grass Grows Greenier-Years Spent Cold-Division of Hate-etc... !

CD - € 12.00

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