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Rules of the Game Cd - NEW !
EASY MONEY hail from Phoenix, Arizona.   With influence pulled from genres spanning multiple periods of metallic-hardcore history, this fresh take on abrasive music is tough to categorize.  Thrash and Hardcore elements fuse with a heavy-underground heritage.  More noticeably, unrestrained live shows continue to prove the intent behind the music is straightforward.  This collection of songs says "There's something for everyone here, but its not for just anybody". For those stylistically driven and true to the roots, they continue on a new path as word continues to spread.
With 'Rules Of The Game' Easy Money's next banger sees the light of the world.
Tracklisting :
1. The Score
2. Out Of Pocket
3. Easy Target
4. Ricochet
5. Easy Does It
6. Predation
7. Menace II Society
8. 2nd Sight

CD - € 12.00

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