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Choking on the Body of Christ Cd - New ! + Free Sticker

 E.B.D.B. (aka “Ejaculation Beyond Diarrhea Boundaries” aka “Extreme Brutal Disgorging Brutality” aka “Every Bishop Deserves a Beating” aka “Even Better During Breakfast” aka “yow momma” aka “the non-shocking Easy Beautiful Dull Band to tell your grandma about”) is back with the sequel only a handful of people were actually waiting for : Choking On The Body Of Christ. 

3 Years after the debut album 'A Bullet Up Your Nostril' the EBDB crew (ft current and ex-members of Golden Bullet, Murder Intentions, Naked Ape and Boiling Remains) bring you a brand new full length album featuring 9 tracks of groovy slamming death metal, including a cover of a band only some people heard about before!
For fans of Skinless, Internal Bleeding, Dehumanized, Beastie Boys, and 80’s & 90’s action movies !
Tracklisting :
1    Ate Ivctet... Escartem    
2    Necrophiliacs Against Cremation    
3    A Total Waste Of Sperm    
4    The Epic Tale About The Crowbar vs. The Jaw    
5    Whore... but why ?!?    
6    Shotgun Selfie    
7    I Wish You Were Aborted    
8    Choking On The Body Of Christ    
9    Feeding Oscar To The Wolves

CD - € 12.00

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