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Inhaling The Ashes CD

 Tracklisting :

1. Hold Your Horses
2. Kick Out Time
3. No God, No Master
4. Dilapidated Soul
5. Distrust
6. Under The Floor
Details of an exciting new project featuring members of various underground metal bands have been revealed. Born from a basic desire to have an excuse to hang out more often with close friends, TED MAUL guitarist LUCA GDRAX invited ex band mate, drummer HELLHOG (currently of PURE NEGATIVE), Ex-LABRAT bass wizard ADAM DA RAT, and the toxic duo of RIVER FRESHNEY’s LEE4 (guitars) and WEZ4 (Vocals) to start jamming. After a few months of rehearsals, it soon became apparent that what was being produced deserved more than the confines of a shitty rehearsal space in an industrial estate in West London, and the five set about refining what would become the band’s debut EP, “INHALING THE ASHES”.
Recorded in a 48 hour gap in extreme metal wonder-producer RUSS RUSSELL’s busy schedule before Xmas, the end result is six tracks of some of the freshest sounding hardcore metal this country has produced in recent years.
Dripping with hate, fiercely brutal, this is metal at its most honest.
"It's so much fun to be thrashing out hardcore metal tunes in the vein of the bands we grew up with” says LUCA, who has been gigging in various bands including AS SHE SCREAMS, INCARCERATED and TED MAUL since 1995. “Entombed, Biohazard, Cro-Mags, just making a stress free environment to get demented and have some fun!" On the upcoming tour, he states: "SOILENT GREEN are kings, we can't wait to share the stage and the bar with those guys. Pure devilry awaits!"
“It feels fucking GREAT to be playing again!” enthuses ADAM DA RAT, who as well as touring the world with LABRAT, also did brief stints standing in for UKHC heroes STAMPIN’ GROUND and NWOAHM champions GOD FORBID, as well as being the original bassplayer in TED MAUL. “It’s so refreshing to be making music for music’s sake” he continues. “There’s no agenda here, no ambition, no ‘Let’s make this our jobs’ type of thinking going on, and I think you can hear that in the tunes. It’s just five guys who love heavy music making a racket with no idea where it will go afterwards. Putting it out on a proper label and going on tour with SOILENT GREEN is not something we aspired to, but it seems everyone that’s heard DRIPBACK wants to help us out and get involved. I am very excited about this.”

CD - € 9.00

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