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s/t Debut LP - New !

 Since the start DISAVOW have been about pure and simple expression through hardcore.  The band's debut 'Half Empty?' came out on Epidemic Records in 2017 and was followed by extensive touring.  This winter their self-titled debut album was recorded and is set to be released in July. What can you expect?  Tight, fast, heavy and dark straight edge hardcore with powerful sound and clear vision.

Disavow features current and former members of Anchor, Gust and Painted Wolves.  Guest vocals by Chris Colohan (Sect, Cursed, Ruination, Left For Dead) and Andrea Cengic (Waste).  Recorded and mixed by Ulf Blomberg at Hobo Rec/The End Studios.   Mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios.   Gothenburg HxC !!!
Tracklisting :
01. As Life Fades   
02. Eyes 
03. Yours to Begin With   
04. Connection Lost   
05. Stumble   
06. See Through Me   
07. Abstain   
08. Endless Frustration   
09. Broken   
10. Leave Myself Alone   
11. From Your Eyes

LP - € 14.00

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