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If you’re in a metal / hardcore band and you hail from Minnesota, you have a big strike against you. Let’s face it, the hard winters, isolation from any particular hot spot or scene and other hardships combine to beat you into submission. However, the thick skin of Minneapolis Devilinside has kept the band as determined as ever to bring some heavy noise to the forefront of both the metal and hardcore scenes.

Formed from the ashes of the mighty Disembodied, the band that laid the blueprint for mid 90s metalcore, the five-piece one-up the lethal crunch and heaviness of their previous band while adding undeniably catchy grooves. After some initial member changes, the band solidified their line-up with Joel Andersen (ex-Disembodied) on drums, Tony Tubes Byron (ex-Disembodied) on guitar, Jaime Gonzales handling vocals, Andy Crow on guitar and Mike Van Heel on bass.
Ignoring the latest fads and trends in metal and hardcore, the group cite bands such as Entombed, Sepultura and old Machine Head as their main influences.
TWO BONUS TRACKS plus VIDEO Enhancement !!


1. After The Prelude
2. 34 Months For Nothing
3. Batan
4. Conflicted Conditioned
5. Glass
6. Hangnail
7. New Years Day
8. California Burning
9. Dead Wrong
10. Tear The Veil
11. Confession
12. Ignus Fatuus
13. Last Dying Wish
14. Bane Of Existence
15. Canyons
16. Vodkalung
17. Kiss The Cynic
18. Breathing Fear
19. Transition I E Minor
20. Burden's Gift
21. Tortured
22. The Outlook
23. Outro

CD - € 12.00

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