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Music » Deliverance » Living Hell CD - Japanese Import.

Living Hell CD - Japanese Import.

CD imported from Japan, complete with Obi-Strip !

From the label :

" Debut EP from Tokyo of hard core band DELIVERANCE is released by CLANDESTINE PROJECT! Active band was formed in the center of the band members fall in 2011, formed in Tokyo, ex EXTINGUISH THE FIRE, etc. of GENESIS. In the style to go the latest of current American hard core, full sound metallic, brutal plant is heard rollout technical tuning down, beat down, break down, such as a slow, destruction and degree of the best part! ! There is enough was lightning! I want to check the sound by all means you can expect the music to be able to be the culmination of their current, and will evolve further in the future. All means for those who like MURDER DEATH KILL, THOSE WHO FEAR, XIBALBA, DEMOLISHER, such as THE ACACIA STRAIN ! "


1. Unbreakable
2. Chains Of Freedom
3. No Hope
4. Farewell
5. Living Hell

CD - € 8.00

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